Literacy Project, University of Johannesburg

I am a member of an international research team in a literacy project led by Dr. Leila Kajee at the University of Johannesburg. The aim of the project is to “examine children’s literacy practices and challenges, through an examination of their early encounters with literacy. For this their social literacy practices outside school and in school, as well as parental, community and teacher involvement in the children’s learning will be studied. The specific aim is to design and implement a teaching model for the teaching of literacy and in early childhood, taking cognisance of children’s social practices, and in particular with focus on biliteracy models.”  Further information about the project can be found at:


National Advisory Board, Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy

I am very pleased to have been appointed as a member of the National Board of the Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy. The mission of the Institute is to provide  national leadership “that promotes the value of family literacy and supports program improvement through research and its application to practice and professional development”.  Pennsylvania State University is the home of the Goodling Institute: