Conference Proceedings (Refereed)

Anderson, J., Domeniconi, G., Rabkin, G., Anderson, A., Friedrich, N. &  Teichert, L. (In Press). Working with immigrant and refugee families in family literacy programs: Transnational perspectives. Proceedings of the 20thconference of the European conference on literacy.

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Anderson, A.,  & Anderson, J. (2012). Listening to families’ voices: Parents look back at a  family literacy program. In A. Kelly, B. Dwyer, G. Mehigan, & G. Watson (Eds.),  Creating multiple pathways to powerful literacy in challenging times (pp.34-41). Dublin: Reading Association of Ireland.

Anderson, J., Anderson, A., & Morrison, F.  (2012). Working in diverse communities: A social capital perspective of family literacy programsIn B. W. Toso (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2012 National Conference on Family Literacy Research Strand (pp. 7-17) University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University.

Kim, J. E., & Anderson, J. (2010). Labeling during repeated shared reading of print and digital storybooks. In F. Sudweeks, H. Hrachovec & C. Ess (Eds.), Proceedings of the cultural attitudes towards communication and technology conference (394-399). Perth, Australia: Murdoch University.

Anderson, J., Norman, P, & Anderson, A. (2008). Family literacy at St. Mark’s School: Enhancing student achievement, building capacity, and developing social and cultural capital in rural Newfoundland. In D. Dibbon & G. Galway (Eds.). Proceedings of Symposium 2008: Post-confederation educational reform- From rhetoric to reality (pp. 1-9). St. John’s, NL: Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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Conference Proceedings (Non-Refereed)

Anderson, J., Kendrick, M., Rogers, T., Smythe, S. & Pirbahi-Illich, F. (Eds.). (2003). Proceedings of the Portraits of Literacy: Critical Issues in Family, Community and School Literacies Conference. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia.

Anderson, J., McGregor, C., Morrison, F., & Smythe, S. (2003). Persistent issues in family literacy programs. In J. Anderson, M. Kendrick, T. Rogers, S. Smythe & F. Pirbahi-Illich (Eds.), Proceedings of the Portraits of Literacy: Critical Issues in Family, Community and School Literacies Conference. Vancouver, BC: The University of British Columbia.