UBC Courses taught

LLED 601: Theoretical Frames for Langauge and Literacy research (Doctoral Seminar)

LLED 590: Seminar-Graduating Essay for M. Ed. students

LLED 560: Assessment in Reading and other Language Arts

LLED 561: Assessment in Reading and other Language Arts (Practicum)

LLED 557: Family Literacy: Issues and Perspectives

LLED 556: Theory and Research in Early Literacy

ECED 508: Review of Research in Educational Methods

ECED 585: Advanced Seminar on Research in Early Childhood Education

LLED 459: Trends and Issues in Literacy Instruction

LLED 426: Language and Literacy Across the Curriculum

LLED 456: Identifying and Supporting Learners with Literacy Difficulties

LLED 320 :Curriculum and Instruction in Language and Literacy Education: Elementary and Middle Years

LLED 314: Curriculum and Instruction in English: Secondary

LLED 310: Introduction to Reading and Language Arts Instruction: Elementary and Middle Years