Course Development

Developed LLED 557: Family Literacy: Issues and Perspectives

Co-developed with Dr. Marilyn Chapman, LLED 556: Theory and Research in Early Literacy. An online version of this course is offered to students in the M. Ed. cohort students in Early Childhood Education.

Co- developed with Dr. Chapman, LLED 321: Teaching and Learning Language and Literacy: Kindergarten and Primary Grades.

Re-conceptualized and redeveloped the former LLED 475: Corrective Reading and LLED 476: Remedial Reading into a new course LLED 456: Identifying and Supporting Learners with Literacy Difficulties.

From June 1997 to June 1998, Jim served as one of two departmental representatives on the Revised Teacher Education Program Committee. The committee and subcommittees that arose from it met often for intensive sessions. The committee also met with groups representing various constituencies including: teachers, current teacher education students, recent graduates of the Teacher Education Program, principals and vice-principals, the College of Teachers, school district administrators, and departments within the Faculty of Education.

He also co-developed and co-led with Dr. Marianne McTavish two M. Ed. cohorts in collaboration with the Surrey School district that focused on working with diverse students and families.